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v2.0 (May 2020)

This release is associated with the Revision 3 IRIS Kit, and is designed to be compatible with other hardware if you wish to assemble your own equipment.

  • Support for RØDE NT-SF1 mic using a bundled version of the SoundField by RØDE plug-in.
  • Support for Sennheiser AMBEO VR Mic using Sennheiser's proprietary A-format to B-format process.
  • New A-format to B-format process for the Core Sound TetraMic and support for their updated .tetra calibration data format.
  • Support for Dante audio networks using Dante Virtual Soundcard with ASIO drivers.
    • This includes compensating for the deterministic latency of a Dante system, meaning a physical loopback connection is not required.
  • Utility for users to calibrate their own audio interface or Dante system (i.e matching microphone preamplifier gains).

v1.4 (August 2019)

This version was released alongside the Revision 2 IRIS Kit.

  • Full support for any USB audio device with ASIO drivers
  • System (strength) calibration with both 3D and mono receivers
  • Direct B-format input


  • Speech Transmission Index according to IEC 60268-16:2011
  • Open Plan Office measurements according to ISO 3382-3:2012
  • ISO 3382-2 linearity parameters (ζT20, ζT30 and Curvature)
  • Automatic source-receiver distance (when there is line of sight) with calibration to compensate for delays in audio output hardware.
  • Internet based licensing (in addition to existing HASP system)