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VDI 2569 Analysis


The VDI 2569 tab of the Open Plan Office Parameters window displays the parameters for classification of large multi-person offices according to VDI 2569 1.

Open plan office - VDI 2569


This is a rather complex standard with specific measurement conditions which may differ from ISO 3382-3, including background noise conditions. Please consult the document 1 for details.

VDI 2569 Level

The VDI 2569 Level is the level of sound propagation from VDI 2569 1. This is defined as:

Level of Sound Propagation D2,S Lp,A,S,4m
1 ≥ 8 dB ≤ 47 dB
2 ≥ 6 dB ≤ 49 dB
3 ≥ 4 dB ≤ 51 dB

This level is a property of an individual path and displayed on the PATHS (ISO 3382-3) tab.


  1. Select the VDI 2569 tab in the Open Plan Office Parameters window.

  2. In the first list on the left, select measurement paths (defined on the previous tab) to be included in the evaluation. At least three paths must be selected.

  3. In the second list, select measurements from the project to include in the T20 reverberation time average.


    A dot will appear next to all measurements which are also part of the selected paths from the first list.


    VDI 2569 recommends using measurements within 8 m of the source for calculating reverberation time. Distances larger than this will be coloured red.


    SELECT COMPATIBLE will automatically select all measurements from the IRIS project where:

    • The measurement is part of a selected VDI 2569 path
    • The measurement is within 8 m of the source
  4. The results will automatically be displayed on the right once at least three paths have been selected, and at least one measurement selected for the T20 average.

The room acoustics class is calculated according to:

Class Paths condition T20
125 Hz
250 to 4000 Hz
Background noise level
A 2/3 of paths on level 1
remaining paths on level 2
≤ 0.8 s ≤ 0.6 s ≤ 35 dBA
B 2/3 of paths on level 2
remaining paths on level 3
≤ 0.9 s ≤ 0.7 s ≤ 40 dBA
C 1/3 of paths on level 2
remaining paths on level 3
≤ 1.1 s ≤ 0.9 s ≤ 40 dBA

  1. Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, VDI 2569 Draft, Schallschutz und akustische Gestaltung im Büro (2017).