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Open Plan Office Measurement Procedure


  1. Conduct all measurements on paths within one IRIS project

  2. Define the source-receiver distance for each measurement

  3. Define speech and background noise levels for each measurement

  4. Use the Open Plan Office Parameters window to define and evaluate multiple paths.

Detailed Procedure

  1. Ensure your IRIS kit has been calibrated with your omni-source to measure sound strength (G).

  2. Identify the various paths of workstations to measure.

  3. Place the source and receiver in their initial positions.

  4. Create a new IRIS project to store all measurements.

  5. Record the first measurement.

  6. Check the measurement quality is sufficient in bands 125 Hz to 8 kHz (at least a T20 must be calculated in each of these bands). If not, please repeat the measurement with a louder source or longer sweep to increase the decay range.


    Remember to only adjust the level using the output gain slider in IRIS. Any hardware settings affecting the output level must be set as they were during system calibration.

  7. Measure the background noise at the receiver position using the sound level meter.


    Refer to ISO 3382-3 1 or VDI 2569 2 for the required background noise conditions.

  8. Define the source-receiver distance for that measurement.

    Source-receiver distance


    IRIS can automatically determine the source-receiver distance if the loopback connection exists (or you are using a Dante network) and there is line-of-sight between the source and receiver. Otherwise, please measure and enter the distance manually. Please ensure you measure to the acoustic centres of the source and receiver.

  9. Click on the SPEECH page to view speech parameters, and add a new speech/noise scenario.

  10. In the dropdown box for speech level, select the ISO 3382-3 (Omnidirectional) effort. IRIS will automatically determine the speech level at the receiver position based on this effort and the measured sound strength (G).

    Open plan office - speech


    If your IRIS system was not calibrated, this dropdown box will be disabled and the speech level must be determined another way.

  11. Enter the measured background noise in octave bands (or select a background noise level from the preset list).

    Open plan office - noise

  12. Check ON OFFICE PATH to make this speech/noise scenario available to include on a measurement path. Only one scenario per measurement can be used.

    Open plan office - path

  13. Repeat the above steps for the remaining measurements in the office.

  1. International Standard ISO 3382-3 Ed. 1, Acoustics – Measurement of room acoustic parameters – Part 3: Open plan offices (2012). 

  2. Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, VDI 2569 Draft, Schallschutz und akustische Gestaltung im Büro (2017).