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3. Source Setup


The sound source assembly consists of:

  • Dante AVIO 1-channel line output adapter, which will transmit the excitation signal generated by IRIS
  • Loudspeaker such as a dodecahedron
  • Power amplifier if necessary (some loudspeakers have amplifiers built inside)
  • A cable to connect the Dante line output adapter to the loudspeaker amplifier
  • A loudspeaker stand

With the exception of the Dante line output adapter, the above components are not included in an IRIS kit. Please refer to Source for loudspeaker requirements.

Dante Line Output Adapter

The Dante AVIO 1-channel line output adapter lives in the bottom of the IRIS case, permanently connected to and powered by the Ethernet switch. The adapter converts a Dante audio stream to an analog line output over a male XLR connector.

Dante AVIO line output adapter


Loudspeaker amplifiers often have a female XLR line input connector, so you probably need a standard microphone cable (male XLR to female XLR) to connect your amplifier to the Dante line output adapter.

Source Setup Procedure

  1. Place the source at the initial source position.

  2. Set up any necessary equipment to drive the source such as a power amplifier and cables, but do not power it on yet. Power it on last once the rest of the hardware is set up and configured (and power it off first at the end of the measurement session).

  3. Connect the Dante line output adapter to the power amplifier or powered loudspeaker using an appropriate cable.


If you are making measurements with a calibrated IRIS system (e.g. to measure sound strength), please ensure you set up the source in exactly the same way as when the system was calibrated:

  • Set the same gain on any amplifiers.
  • Use the same type of cable. For example, if you used balanced (e.g. XLR) cables to connect the source, you must always use balanced cables. An unbalanced cable may reduce the loudspeaker level.

Note that you can adjust the excitation level from within IRIS software without affecting system calibration.

Sound Source