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2. Receiver Setup


The receiver assembly consists of the RØDE NT-SF1 mic and Shure 4-channel preamp mounted on a microphone stand.

You will need:

  • A microphone stand (not included an IRIS kit)
  • RØDE mic stand mount
  • RØDE 4-channel breakout cable
  • Shure ANI4IN-XLR preamp
  • iOMounts NOMAD magnetic mounting system
  • 30 m STP Cat5e Ethernet cable
  • (Optional) RØDE wind shield for outdoor measurements

Magnetic Mount

The Revision 3 kit uses a magnetic mounting system for attaching the Shure preamp to the leg of a mic stand. A metal disc must be adhered to the bottom of the preamp and allowed to set for at least 8 hours before use. This step will have already been completed for premade IRIS kits, but otherwise follow the instructions that come with the iOMounts NOMAD.


You may need to remove some of the stickers on the bottom of the preamp and clean the surface before attaching the disc.

The metal disc on the bottom of the preamp looks like this:

iOmounts Nomad

The other part of the product is a strap with a mating magnet, which should be attached to the leg of a mic stand, as shown in the above photo.


We recommend you leave the strap permanently fixed on your mic stand. It can be difficult to remove the mount once it has been attached, though it's definitely possible if necessary.

Shure preamp on mic stand

Receiver Setup Procedure

  1. Setup a mic stand.

  2. Attach the RØDE NT-SF1 to the stand using the included mic clip.

    The SoundField logo on the front of the mic represents the positive x-direction. We recommend aligning the positive x-direction in the same direction as a listener at that position.

    Rode SoundField Logo


    ISO 3382-1 specifies a receiver height of 1.2 m (seated listener).

  3. Place the Shure 4-channel preamp on the mic stand using the magnetic mount.

  4. Connect the RØDE NT-SF1 to the preamp using the 4-channel breakout cable. Ensure the channels are connected in the correct order: channel 1 of the mic must go to channel 1 of the preamp, channel 2 to 2, and so on.

  5. Connect one end of the 30 m STP Ethernet cable to the Dante port on the Shure preamp (we'll connect the other end soon).


    Use the velcro tie or some electrical tape to tie the Ethernet cable to the mic stand as a strain relief.

  6. Place the mic stand at the first receiver position.

The completed receiver assembly should look something like this:

Revision 3 Kit Receiver Assembly

Wind Shield

The RØDE NT-SF1 comes with a high quality wind shield with a fluffy cover (stored inside the shield). This is not necessary for most indoor measurements, but we highly recommend you use it for any measurements or recordings outside - even on a calm day.