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1. Software Installation


This page lists the various items of software required to run IRIS. You only need to carry out these steps once per PC.

If you only want to use IRIS to analyse past measurements, you will need the Sentinel HASP Driver and IRIS Software. To make any new measurements with IRIS, please install all of the Equipment Software too. We'll configure the software once you have connected the various items of hardware.

Equipment Software

Shure Web Service Discovery

The Shure Dante preamplifier is configured through a web browser. The best way to locate the device's web page is using the Shure Web Service Discovery application. Please install it from the link at the bottom of this page.


Dante Virtual Soundcard

Please download and install Dante Virtual Soundcard on your measurement PC. This will enable your PC to send and receive audio on a Dante network. The latest version is available at the Audinate website.


Dante Virtual Soundcard requires a small licence fee and the licence is not transferrable to another PC. Only install it on PCs used for making actual measurements. It is not required if you are only using IRIS to analyse previous measurements.

Temporary licences of DVS are also available for a lower cost.


Once you have installed Dante Virtual Soundcard, please open the software and activate your licence key.


Dante Controller

The Dante Controller application is used to configure routing of audio signals between different devices on a Dante network. Please download the latest version from the Audinate website.


Dante Controller is freely available but requires you to have an account on the Audinate website.


Note about Dante and firewall configuration

The Dante software requires specific exceptions to be added to your PC's firewall in order to operate correctly. The Dante software installers will automatically configure the standard firewall built into Windows 10. If you have a third-party firewall, please click here.

Sentinel HASP Driver

IRIS licenses are typically delivered on a HASP USB protection key. Before connecting the key please install the HASP driver.

The latest driver can be obtained by downloading Sentinel HASP/LDK - Windows GUI Run-time installer from here. Select Sentinel LDK RunTime & Drivers and then Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time Installer.

It's also available to download directly here (version 7.103, obtained May 2020).


IRIS software will run as a viewer if no licence is detected.

IRIS Software

  1. Check your computer is connected to the internet so the installer can fetch any necessary dependencies.

  2. Run IRISSetup.exe to install

  3. The installer may update the .NET Framework and C++ runtime. Follow the prompts to install these. You may have to restart your computer during this process, but setup will continue afterwards.

  4. The IRIS installer will now launch. Follow the prompts to install.

    IRIS Installer


If your IRIS installer is delivered with a Calibration folder, please run IRISSetup.exe in the same directory as the Calibration folder and the installer will automatically deploy the calibration data for your system.