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2. Receiver Setup

Core Sound TetraMic

The receiver setup consists of the TetraMic connected to the PPAc transmitter and both mounted on a microphone stand.


The Core Sound logo on the TetraMic approximately indicates the positive x-direction.

In terms of aiming the TetraMic, we prefer to align the positive x-direction in the same direction as a listener. E.g. in the same direction as a seat in an auditorium.

Setup Procedure

  1. Mount the TetraMic in an upright position on the microphone stand.

    Place the two rubber grommets from the Rycote mount on the stem of the TetraMic, with the CORE logo visible (so you know where +x is).

    TetraMic with rubber grommets

  2. The Rycote mount has two plastic clips (red or black) which fit around the rubber grommets. Very carefully pry open each clip and insert the TetraMic, one clip at a time. We find it easier to attach the top clip first followed by the bottom clip.

    We like to place the TetraMic so the +x direction is facing out (in the direction of the microphone stand boom).


    Please take care to not put any physical pressure on the microphone capsules while inserting the TetraMic into the Rycote mount.

  3. Attach the Rycote mount with TetraMic on the microphone stand.

    TetraMic on stand

  4. Attach the PPAc transmitter to the base of the microphone stand using electrical tape or similar.

  5. Connect the TetraMic to the PPAc transmitter using the TetraMic cable.

  6. Set the TetraMic on the microphone stand in the first receiver position.

  7. Connect one end of the 30 m Cat5e STP cable to the PPAc transmitter. The other end will connect to the PPAc receiver (or CBM box) at the audio interface.

The completed receiver assembly in position for a measurement may look something like this:

TetraMic receiver assembly


The included Rycote microphone stand mount supports both 5/8” and 3/8” thread sizes.