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Revision 2 Kit

System Concept

A second revision IRIS kit was released in 2019. Unfortunately, this kit was discontinued shortly thereafter due to Zoom discontinuing their Zoom F4 unit after not being in production long.

A diagram of the system is shown below.

System Schematic



This kit is built in a Pelican iM2400 case with custom foam cut-out. The hardware components are designed to be left in the case and operated in place.

IRIS Kit Revision 2 Contents

IRIS Kit Revision 2 Cable


  • Core Sound TetraMic microphone array
  • Core Sound PPAc transmitter and receiver system
  • 1.8 m Core Sound TetraMic cable (6-pin female mini-XLR to 6-pin male standard XLR)
  • Rycote microphone stand suspension mount for TetraMic

Audio Interface

  • Zoom F4 recorder/USB audio interface
  • International power supply (F4 may also be battery powered)
  • 32 GB SD card
  • Short 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm stereo jack loopback cable


The output of the Zoom F4 is a balanced line-level over a male XLR connector.


30 m shielded Cat5e (STP) cable with Neutrik etherCON connectors

The STP Cat5e cable used in the Revision 1 and Revision 2 kits is a shielded Ethernet cable, but does not pass digital signals. It is being used as an analog 4-channel multi-core "snake". Common Ethernet cables which are not shielded (UTP) will not work with these kits.


Lengths of STP cable longer than 30 metres are also available, which may be necessary in very large spaces where the source and receiver are located far apart. We have tested up to 90 metres of STP cable with Revision 1 and 2 kits without any issues, but longer than this is not advised. Multiple STP cables may be joined together (using Neutrik NE8FF etherCON couplers).


A sound source is not included in the kit. The type of loudspeaker required depends on the type of measurement. The output of the Zoom F4 is a male XLR connector (balanced line level). Please see Source for more details.