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Revision 1 Kit

System Concept

The system diagram of the first revision IRIS kit is shown below.

System Schematic


It was shipped in a Pelican Storm iM2400 case, consisting of:

  • Core Sound TetraMic microphone array
  • Core Sound PPAc transmitter
  • 1.8 m Core Sound TetraMic cable (6-pin female mini-XLR to 6-pin male standard XLR)
  • IRIS CBM (custom-made receiver for Core Sound PPAc transmitter)
  • Rycote microphone stand suspension mount for TetraMic
  • 30 m shielded Cat5e (STP) cable with Neutrik etherCON connectors
  • MOTU 4pre USB audio interface
  • A small metal U link to provide a loopback connection between the RCA S/PDIF connectors
  • Licence for IRIS software on HASP USB protection dongle
  • IRIS software and calibration data on USB key

IRIS Kit Revision 1 Contents (A) IRIS Kit Revision 1 Contents (B)


The main output of the MOTU 4pre is a balanced line-level over a female TRS connector.