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MOTU 4pre Configuration


This page describes the detailed configuration of a MOTU 4pre interface for use with IRIS.


A MOTU 4pre can save its configuration on internal memory using the Save Hardware Preset feature. This should be recalled every time you set up a MOTU 4pre for an IRIS measurement. It also pays to check the configuration each time, as the preset feature does appear to have some issues (more on this below).


  1. First connect the MOTU 4pre to your computer and power it on.

  2. Open CueMix FX software to configure the device.

  3. The TRIM for first four channels must be set to +30 (dB).

  4. Ensure 48V is enabled on the first four channels. This will also enable four red LED 48V indicators on the front panel of the unit.

  5. Ensure that PAD is disabled on each channel.


    An enabled PAD will light an orange LED on the unit underneath the red 48V LED. If you see an orange LED, you know something is not right.

    So far, CueMix FX should look like this:

    CueMix FX configuration

  6. Locate the MIX dropdown box and select Mix 1.

    CueMix FX mix

  7. Ensure each channel in CueMix is muted, as shown below. The mute switch turns yellow when enabled.

    CueMix FX mute switches

  8. Repeat steps 4. and 5. for Mix 2 and Mix 3. This it to prevent the microphone signals being sent directly to the loudspeaker, which would otherwise cause all manner of howling and feedback problems.

  9. Configure monitoring of the microphone signals over headphones:

    a. Select Mix 4 (the headphone mix)

    b. The first four channels should not be muted, and the corresponding sliders set to 0 dB.

    c. Select the Phones menu and ensure Phones 1-2 is selected.

    CueMix FX headphone

Save Hardware Preset

You can save this configuration as a hardware preset (stored internally on the MOTU 4pre by selecting File -> Save Hardware Preset.


It appears that on some units, the hardware preset ignores the PAD setting. So please check the configuration every time you use a MOTU 4pre with IRIS.