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IRIS Kit Revisions

An IRIS Kit is a collection of hardware delivered in a Pelican case. It includes the receiver, audio interface and the necessary cabling and adapters, but not a source.

There are three official types of IRIS hardware kits:

A fully assembled and tested Revision 3 system may be purchased directly, or you can buy the individual components yourself.

Additional Equipment

In addition to one of the IRIS kits above, you must provide the following equipment:

  • Laptop computer (requirements)
  • Microphone stand
  • Source loudspeaker, power amplifier and necessary cabling (details here)
  • AC power extension leads
  • Headphones for monitoring microphone signals
  • Paper and pen
  • Tape measure
  • Electrical insulation tape (can be useful for attaching things to the mic stand, or marking source and receiver positions)
  • Hearing protection